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did i just read what I think I did??

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Keukenhof Gardens, Holland by Opiliones

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i work at a gym largely frequented by older women, and today as one of them left after her workout she accidentally pulled the entire door handle off and just slowly looked at her bicep in horror as if she was terrified of her new strength. it was beautiful.

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Single cover for ‘Steal My Girl’

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Stunning Anamorphic Artworks That Can Only Be Seen With A Mirror Cylinder

A year ago, we wrote about Jonty Hurwitz and his amazing anamorphic art that can only be seen in the reflection of a mirrored cylinder. Although the technique was created in the late Renaissance (16th century), artist like Jonty and István Orosz made it popular again.

What’s interesting about these anamorphic pieces is that most of them look like rubbish without a mirror cylinder. Some of them are so distorted that you can only guess at what the reflected image will reveal. You could probably even use this technique to pass a message on to a fellow secret agent.

Hurwitz says he creates his art by scanning a three-dimensional object and then using special software to come up with new physical forms, but each artist has their own technique.

1. by István Orosz
2.Vera Bugatti
3. by Jonty Hurwitz
4.5.6. by István Orosz
7. by imgur
8. by Awtar Singh Virdi
9. by William Kentridge
10. by István Orosz

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